Difference between men and women.

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mole trapper

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MI5 were recruiting for new spy,s, they short listed two men and a woman, the three were taken to a selection centre where they were told that to be a spy they must be truly ruthless. They were told that to show they had 100% commitment they must undertake one task before being deemed trustworthy.
The first man was taken down a corridor to a closed door, he was then handed a pistol, he was told behind that door is your wife tied to a chair, if you truly want to be a spy you will shoot her. The man entered the room looked at his wife and broke down in tears, threw the gun on the floor and said he could not do it.
The second man was then put to the same test, he tried to make himself do it but just couldnt pull the trigger.
The woman was then shown the door and told her husband is tied to the chair and that to be accepted she must shoot him. The woman enters the room and shuts the door, after a few moments screams of pain, crashing etc start to come from the room, after several minutes the woman emerges from the room, sweating and covered in blood.
She just has enough energy to exclaim, the bloody gun was empty so i had to beet him to death with it,!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
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