Different bullets.

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I have only ever used Federal Power Shocks, 100 grainers. My question is this- If i wanted to try an 85 grain bullet, over a distance of about a hundred yards would the zeroing be changed by much?


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Not necessarily

Try it, my 75's and 80's, hit the same hole and the 100's are within a inch. Each rifle would be different I think.



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I use remmington 75 gr accutip on foxes and 95 gr accutip on deer. zero ed at 150m point of aim alters by about 1.5cm with the 2 loads this is through a T3 varmint, so there is little difference with my rifle. Don't know if this is any use.


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I find that 100gr is sound as a pound , for .243 I tend not to mix as I like to zero for all occasions. At 100 I like to be 1" above my POA. that allows for longer shots at maybe 150yds , Dont lik to shoot over but it gives me the confidence to know i will be able out to 200 yds . Just check zero with the lighter grain ! figure it should be slightly higher !just my thoughts.


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I notice an interesting point here, you both have a zero of 150 yards/meters, is this what most people zero at?
Mines zeroed at 100 yards.


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Different Bullets


I shoot a 25-06 and discovered that when zeroed at 100yd with 117 grain Sako I was way off (12inches) with 100 grain Feds and Privi, now zeroed to 100 grain and no difference between the two makes, easy 1 inch group at 100 yds.



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Normally I zero at 100 yds 123GR on .308 but with 150 gr it drops slightly . I believe that rounds fly true to about 140 then dip, it allows me some leeway, but still be on for the vitals!! and a humane dispatch. that is with (sako).With .243 federal power shok 100gr it allows me optimum knockdown with little chance of a runner,again the range is optimum as I don't like longer shots ! but just in case I am spot on, my last buck was 150gr .308 at approx 80 yd !Didn't even know i was there !. I don't reload as yet still looking into it , but I am sure there are far more experienced out there that will correct me . Nice buck from your outing I might add well done.
Regards Trapper


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I use the same bullet you do, I set my rifle 1.5" high at 100 yds, bullet comes up through POA at about 45 yds, drops back through zero at 180 yds and falls to 1.5" low at 215yds.

Working on a 3" kill circle anything between 0 - 215 yards, put the cross right where you want it and let fly ~ nothing to worry about.

Offroad Gary

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my old prohunter 243 shot 100 and 85 gn federals within 1 inch when zeroed 1" high at 100.

when i zeroed 55gn silvertips at bang on at 200m, the 85gns were hitting 2" high and to the left at 100m.

my .243 r93 zeroed at 100 1" high with 85gn federals puts the 55gn silvertips 3" high at the same target.

you will have to try it and see.


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I zero all my centrefires @ 1" high / 100 yards (except 22-250).

It is my reckoning that a slightly high shot is buch more likely to kill than a slightly low one.

This might be misplaced, but it works for me. It also allows for shooting up to and around 200 yards without changing aim.

I dont muck around with different bullet weights, just buy another gun :p :p

The law wont let me shoot reds with 22-250 so i bought a 308,

cant understand why 243 shooters are not bangin 100 grains unless there are accuracy problems, surely the diffference ballistically is negligible up to 250yards?

but i suppose we all want a wee bit more and a wee tinker.


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basil nothing wrong with trying something new but as members report here very little difference in drop give or take a few grains in bullet weight . as ive read from your posts over the last month or so you have shot 4 or 5 nice deer all properly dispatched . so as the old saying goes if it aint broke dont fix it . me old somerset mucker . :lol:
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