dificult hunt booked, what kit do i need



I have booked weekend away in north wales stalking Bara Brith in snowdonia. I know these are illusive animals and often they are baited to get them within shot. I am not sure what kit to take. I have the choice of a parkerhale 1200 in .30-06 which is uber accurate in 150 grain game kings but is a bit of a lug to carry. I also have a ruger .243 which is pretty good with 100 grain hornady spitzers, this is a light and managable rifle but I am a bit worried about it's knock down ability. The last thing i want to do is spend most of the weekend tracking a wounded animal around snowdonia when i could be loafing about.

Any suggestions would be most helpful.



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If I were you I would sit up on one of the many "birthing dens" or ovens as I think they are known locally. Your nose will tell you when one is ready to leave the den. This is when you will need all of your hunter cunning and will power. Resist the urge to rush in whilst it is still too hot from the birthing procedure, allow it to cool, not so as it is cold but pleasantly warm. Then approach in a firm, bold manner, show no fear. Now if you are right handed grasp it firmly with your left hand and cut yourself a generous slice. Apply butter thickly and wash down with a cup of tea.

I have never hunted a Bara Brith but this method has served me well with numerous fruit loaf type of game that has been prepared by my wife. ;) ;)



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presumably this is the local name for a similar creature found in the Scottish border country A Selkirk Bannock.Normally you line up outside the burrow carrying a piece of paper called locally money.this is then exchanged for a further paper bag containing said creature.take home slice add butter put malt whisky into glass enjoy successful hunt.stalking usually carried out by female stalkers.


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Ahhh I get yeah!!!!

Take neither you'll blow the poor thing apart, just sneak up on it with your trusty knife amd the dexterity of a cat, try to grasp it with one hand before diving on it with your trust knife, I'm sure they also make a metalic like dinging sound when there are guard is down and can safely be grabbed.