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I am thinking about buying a digital fox caller for photographic and research purposes and need some recommendations -
There seems to be a number on the market - which model would you advise and how is it best to use them so I can get some really close up shots? I believe the 'callmaster' is good?


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I think the best on the market is the Foxpro callers:

Though they are not cheap, £175 to £600 depending on model. That is a lot of money for fox shooting.

The U Caller also seem popular and starts at about £100 so much cheaper. You dont have the range of sounds of the foxpro and the sound level is not great

The call master is a little more but you can up the volume with an external speaker.

One final option is to use an MP3 player of some sort. I have downlaoded a selection of calls onto my phone, that is also an MP3 player, I then play these when out with the lamp and it does work, I have called foxes in closer or held foxes static with the calls.

But like all calls they dont work all the time.

At this time of year a vixen call can work well, if you follow the link below you will see a link to download a loop of calls and periods of silences, I have used this with some sucess. Place the call out in front of your shooting position, set it playing and leave it be, it is a 20 minute sequence.

There are also some othe sites with some good calls, search for Varmint Al for instance.



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Foxpro lead the way at present in regards to design and performance. They also lead the way as far as costs are concerned.

You can pick up their latest Scorpion caller with the remote control of about $480 if you shop around the US catalogue and on line suppliers. UK suppliers are wanting considerably more. Which is typical of rip off british traders IMO

You can always ask your choosen US supplier to ship it as electrical goods of a lower value there by possibly saving customs duty and handling charges this end. Or get it sent over as a gift. ;)

Personally I'm waiting for the calls to become available as downloads on the internet. I don't expect I'll be waiting to long. :rolleyes:


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LR the people who make the U caller are doing a deal at the moment £79 including the speaker. I have just got one haven't used it on foxes yet but the local magpies go nuts when they hear it. I didn't have a camera with me but watching them was fun.