Digital Riflescope Comparison


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I need help. I have a thermal spotter and intend to but a Digital Riflescope setup.

Was thinking either Ward 800L add on using my Delta 2-15 x 56 HD Scope or a Pulsar N355.

Opinions appreciated from members who have the knowledge

Thanks in advance


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Having looked through a N355 and feeling disappointed because of the lack of optical magnification, Ok it's got digital mag but the image degrades when you multiply the mag. Not used a Ward 800l but it's built around the Kp&c E700 camera which is very good, i know this from the various home builds i have built. for the Ultimate NV and if you can find one an Armasight Drone pro x 10 would be my choice, unfortunately they have got out of production, so it would be a second hand unit if you were to go that route.

Clive Ward has just launched the Ward Digiceptor which is x 8 Mag, but no unbiased reviews are available as yet, but the spec looks OK

Stay clear of the ATN Xsight 2 it's just plain rubbish in my and a lot of others opinion, Yukon Photon XT/RT are both very good for the Money but can be a pain to Zero because of the limited adjustment range, some rifles require adjustable mounts at additional cost.




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I have an old Ward700 that works very well on a Delta scope I have that uses the same glass as your HD. I cannot comment on the Pulsar but I doubt you would be disappointed with the Delta/Ward combo if you wanted an Add On unit.


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The N355 is ok when used with a good IR source, as Kev says the image gets grainy as you zoom in but up to x7-8 mag it is more than usable. I am currently using a N355 on a QR mount which I swap between my Blaser barrels, I can save the zero point for each barrel in the memory, so far POI is spot on. I purchased the N355 to replace my x10 DP, I hammered the DP for 3 years and sold it as concerned about lack of backup / repair as FLIR had discontinued the unit. The DP is a mile in front of the N355, that said the 355 is probably half the weight and not far off half the price of a new DP but is very usable and does everything I need, the DP was just exceptional. If the 355 was a fixed x8 or x10 optical mag it would probably make for a better unit.

I had a Ward 800 for a short while, it was ok but very scope fussy, I believe they will work well with your Delta scope. I am using a Warden Adder addon, (albeit one from Ali Express) on my 22RF and 22 Hornet, this is very good and I have been extremely impressed, I can get a very clear picture out to 200yds with the onboard IR even on my NF scope, way better than the W800. Having used a Photon too, both the W800 and Warden will give you a much better image.


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