Digital Scales


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Been thinking of picking up one of the Frankford Arsenal Intelli-Dropper digital scales and was wondering has anyone had any experience with them?
Or would a set of good scales and a powder trickler do the same job?



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Have been using the Intelli-dropper for nearly a year now, works good and accurate enough for my 17 hornet and .223rem loads. App works well on my iPad.
Emptying the powder is the worst part about using it.


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I find powder charge size is the least critical component of reloading - I just use a cheap little Hornady beam scales to initially determine charge weight then fill the cases with a rattly old RBCS unflow powder dropper that I bought from here for a few quid. The powder drops seem to vary quite a bit by about quarter of a grain or so but in my rifles any difference it makes to accuracy is dwarfed by other factors, like wind or my my mediocre shooting skills.