Dillon 1050 progressive press valuation?


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Hey up folks, wonder if anyone could give me some guidence on what to offer someone for a secondhand full setup Dillon 1050 progressive press? includes dies and plates for 7.62x51 and 7.62x39
Thanks Dougie

flying felix

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Unless you are planning on doing a hell of a lot of plinking, I wouldn't bother.

I run 2 x 650s (1 for large primer and one for small) but would not load rifle ammo on them. Although Dillon make great presses,progressive systems are not accurate enough for decent rifle rounds. You are far better off with a turret or single stage.


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I have an early 1050 which gets used for loading 38Spl - in fact I got my ammo holding for these rounds up to 2100 on the basis I could load that amount in just 2 hours!
It can be changed over easily to different calibres but I don't really bother as I have 3 x 450's and a 550 (yes, overkill I know!!!). I wouldn't sell the machine as it is a dream to use.
There was an older Dillon 1000 (WHAT a machine) for sale on the fullbore forum for £700 - a steal at that price but really a commercial machine.


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Dougie I'd certainly have no qualms at all about loading rifle ammunition for any standard hunting rifle on any Dillon progressive. Nor for standard target rifle shooting. I wouldn't use one for bench rest shooting but for anything else it'll load as good as any other press set-up using a powder thrower and thrown charges.

As to what it's worth? I'd price it on how much ammunition you intend to load and what that saving on time is worth to you. If you only load three to four hundred rounds a year in each calibre then i don't think it's cost effective. This is three to four hundred rounds a week machines. Anything less and it's a pleasant indulgence!