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No for me that video i have a butcher just up the road who will do it twice as good for cheap.I wouldnt give the BDS any more money till they come out and declare they fully support Deerstalking. :cry:


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Dont hold your breath 6.5 x 55 :eek:
Ive been a member for over 15 years and no sign yet



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300wsm said:
I have just butchered and eaten some fantastic Sika Calf steaks,
I copied the way Mike Robinson butchered and cooked them on the New BDS Butchery Video.

Although I have been butchering for a while I learnt some new tricks watching this DVD.

Good tip that, always willing to learn what I can from whoever I can. It's a real skill, I have done one and it took 3 hours.

I saw non-other than David Stretton butchering a deer in person last Friday at the BASC roadshow at Newcastle raccourse. He's a canny bloke and knows his stuff as well, he was quick. When I did mine my wife was playing and pausing his DVD on the laptop in the kitchen when I was doing all the knife work - good system to try for your first time!


Pete E

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Rangefinder said:
A good tip, isn't Chris Howard a mate of yours?

300wsm is probably on commission! :lol: :lol:

I haven't seen this DVD, but I will probably be getting it.

I've just bought Chris Howard's other DVD "Gralloching:from field to larder"
and would highly recommend especially for the novice or somebody doing their DMQ Level 2.

As a BDS officially endorsed training DVD, anybody doing their Level 2 who follows the procedures shown in this shouldn't have any problems from their AW or CW if there is a debate on the finer points of the gralloch ect.




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I've managed a couple (phone call off stone happy birthday present hanging in the garage) but i always end up with lots of stewing meat :rolleyes:
so perhaps this DVD is for me ;)
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