Diseased Roe Buck- Mange

Erik Hamburger

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Attached pictures show a badly diseased Roe buck, in a very poor condition, assumed to be Mange. Neck very pussy, carcass skin & bones. Shot by a friend, Gloucestershire, 27 July '21.


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Never seen mange anywhere near as bad as that. You sure it's not had a dog hanging off its neck at some point? Hard to tell from the pics though.

I bet he was relieved to be able to take that one out.


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The skin damage is too severe in one place for it to be mange. If it was, then the rest of the coat/skin would be bad. I've seen that sort of pattern of dried skin lifting away with animals getting photosensitisation , but I'd expect the ears to be affected. So I too am going with a dog that's set up a nasty infection under the skin and it's sloughed off. The sub mandibular and prescapular nodes are likely to be larger than usual.


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I responded to this on another area of the web.

Mange does not appear like this in my opinion. I would say its a wound through fighting, or someone has creased it with a shot and its become infected. This would certainly happen at this time of year. I have seen this before a few years back, when a client skimmed a buck across the neck. One week later I found it with another client still alive although looking very sick, with a similar wound and fly infested with maggots.
I would put my money on someone trying to head shoot it and making a hash of it. But that's my opinion.