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Hi all,
What do you use to disinfect your kennells i have just done mine and it cost me about £ 12 in Jeyes fluid.
Is there a cheaper alternative as withsummer coming up i would like to do it more often.


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Hej ezzy6.5
Jeyes is posionous to dogs. The kennel must be completely dry before you put the dog back in the kennel. I use cheap house hold bleach, hypochlorite. I put a very small amount in a watering can full of water and use after i have power washed the runs. It kills the smell of dog **** really well.


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Hi ezzy 6.5

Try virkon s you can get it on the net or most farm store's
it seems to work for most types of live stock and amimals and it's fairly cheap



Andy L

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Virkon S is one of the most effective disinfectant that there is so I am sure it would do the job. Not sure that it would mask the smell though.


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virkon is probaly the best disinfectant on the market but only kills , as you hav used jeyes fluid to help mask the smell a bit, then ,try ODOURKILL
as good as jeyes but not dangerous to pets and costs about the sameish
also overides the kennel smell with a sweet bubble gum smell,a bit like what parvocide used to smell like , could even be the same product with a different name , odourkill is worth a try , does the job in our kennels


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Dont use Jeyes in your dog run, as already mentioned. I use a small amount of bleach with a splash of cheap disenfectant in the water, and rinse the run well out with a hose and bass broom to scrub it clean.


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Pete E said:
If the kennel was was next to the lawn, is there any danger from the "run off" from these types of product killing the grass?
hi pete
never had a problem with virkon but shan't find out for a week or to with odourkill as i hav just laid a new lawn a week ago and not washed the kennel out next to it yet as the other kennels we hav are all enclosed on a big slab off concrete with pebbles all around it
another thing with virkon if put in a spayer which uses a fine mist it will also help to kill bacteria in the air ie on dust particles especaily in enclosed dog runs and kennels spray just like an air freshener all over the run ceiling and walls to


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A good friend who is a biochemist told me that liquid biological soap, the stuff you might want to wash your clothes is is a very useful everyday disinfectant. It will digest most micro organisms. A couple of cap fulls in warm water ( mop bucket full) liberally swabbed arround and left for an hour then rinsed off. Even tap water has a certain disinfecting effect.
Carefully rinsing ensures no side effect particularly important for entire dogs who when sitting will be resting his nads on the deck. Jeyes is v useful but also v hazardous.