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hello all members

im currently in my second year, studying for a degree in agriculture and conservation at hartpury college, gloucestershire.
its come the time where i now have to begin and plan my final year dissertation, 10,000 word research project.

i intend to research an issue related to muntjac or any other deer species. i have had a couple of ideas, mainly ground flora predation form muntjac. also a gamekeeper gave me a idea of badger predation on muntjac fawns.

what are others stalkers views of badgers preying on munty fawns?

also do any members know of any other issues i could research or if there are existing programs which i could latch onto?

any ideas or comments are welcomed

regards toby


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Since all the predation will happen in the dark under a bramble bush, very little.
The only way you can assess the evidence is collect large piles of badger **** and a sieve, rather you than me :D :D :D :D :D



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There has been very little study to my knowledge on the spread of Chinese Water Deer and the affect of predation by Fox and Badger. And as these small deer are endangered in their native country of China, there might be a greater interest in this species than Muntjac, which are not endangered.

Just a thought.

MarkH your comments made me laugh, but I think Bill Oddie would be better at finding Badger crap, after all he talks it most of the time :lol: :lol: :lol:


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I would like to see a report on the effects of the proposed coastal footpath.

Wildfowlers mangage and own thousands of miles of habitat along our coast, and even Bill Oddie has sung their praises.

They invest millions of pounds directly into habitat every year

However, guns and the general public will not mix, and I foresee the closure of dozens of wildfowling clubs around the country and the destruction of habitat for millions of birds, mammals and other animals

Hope this does not highjack your thread Toby, but its a real problem

Rob Mac

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Toby wrote

also do any members know of any other issues i could research or if there are existing programs which i could latch onto?

Hi Toby

Hope you're well. What about something to do with ticks and Lyme disease. I think it's an issue that very important to us all and from what I read will only get worse with climate change.

If you have to undertake your own research it will be a non starter, but if you're allowed to pull together lots of other peoples research and form your own conclusions the college may go for it.

Failing that, you could always go stalking every day for the next six months and write about just how great it was (it might be more difficult to sell that into the college as an important research project)!




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I saw some very interesting work on the effect of culling on regeneration carried out by the Chiltern Deer Management Group.

The emphasis was on differnt culling strategies with regard to the % of the deer population to be culled, along with the % of male to female cull, and its subsequent impact on the next years population and ultimatley the impact on regeneration.

It was not particuarily in depth, and I am sure that there is huge milage in this kind of study. I imagine the key is to make it specific to a local area, and things like road kills and predation would be a factor.

I know Natural England do quite a lot of work on this, as does the FC.

If its any consolation I finished mine a couple of years ago, tough to get going but worth it in the end!

Good luck,



thankyou for every bodies input so far, i think i have gained a few lines of enquiry.

i dont like the idea of sieving through badger poo, i'll re-think that one.

the sika and chinkies are alittle far a field for me, as im going to have to put quite a large amount of hours of research in.

i have already had a lecture about, that the college will not exept the killing of beasts for research, i can of course use an already existing cull program, but i am not aloud to start a new cull for research puposes. i was gutted.

any other ideas in the future dont hesitate to contact me?

once again many thanks

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