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I use my .22lr cz for rabbits and plinking (doesn't everybody?)normally subs and as I shoot rabbits at night I like the rifle to be quiet. I started with the parker hale, cheap as chips but quiet and solid. It made the rifle long even with the 16" barrel. When I saw the DM80 I decided to take the plunge and ordered one. It seems we have a bit of a supply problem I didn't might much but they drove my RFD up the wall. Anyway after about a 2 month wait it turned up. Yes it does make my rifle shorter and much more pointy (if there is such a word).

It seemed quite big 20cm long and 4cm diameter but that didn't worry me as I am used to the big mods we have on centrefires. I have to say the wildcat I saw seems smaller.

On the test fire it certainly moderates the sound but it did not seem much quieter than the P.H. but then I suppose as you are closer to the noise. I think I had high expectations.

Anyway my CZ has a whopping nighteater 8*56 ( Yes I know) but it keeps me fit draging the thing around. So I pop the lamp on top sneak up on bun check backstop press switch on lamp. Big half moon of white light through which after about 2 mins trying I just made out said bun escaping at speed.

So I suppose I could sick tape or cloth or something on the flat end of the mod but I like the clean look of the rifle so I will go back to a standard mod. One of those plastic ones from highland next watch this space.

Overall it as quiet as a PH which is Ok it does make the rifle much shorter and it is much cheaper than the wildcat. if you don't have a big scope and use a scope mount lamp it will be fine.

One safety note as we are on a public forum. A scope mount light with a rimfire requires experience, great care and a knowledge of the ground if you are not sure use another method.

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Cheers for putting the review up. Moderator design has been bothering me for a few years now! I can't see how we cant have mods which are a small package & still efficient.
Like I said,I have been considering the dm80 - since before decoying became involved, now I notice the price has gone up quite a bit & there's a fair old wait. I think I might just hold out a bit longer to see if the market brings us anything remarkably effective over the course of the next year.
I also use a scope mounted lamp occasionally,but have not been affected in the same way,have you tried any sort of neoprene sleeve?


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Interesting review

I am not sure how any mod for a 22 rimfire can be any better than the tried and trusted Parker Hale. I have had a PH for decades and after having tried others I have come back to it.

I can't see how anything can silence anything better than silent (talking about using subsonics only ofcourse).

I use mine on a 16" CZ and the only noise I get is the click of the firing pin, a bit of a whoosh noise and then a much loader thwack (impact noise) when it hits soil. The last noise is the bit which is the loudest of all and this is what alerts rabbits in my opinion as to what is going on. Pretty sure no one is going to come up with a solution for that one.

If however this DM80 mod is suitable for .17 rimfire then fair enough and that is something I cannot comment on. But as far as 22 rimfire with subs goes I defy any company to beat the cheap old PH in terms of noise reduction.

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Apologies, I have only just seen this thread.

Initially, we did have terrible supply problems with the DM80 as one of the magazines did a review and published without telling us. Result was that we a lot of interest and Dave was unable to keep up with demand.

I can only apologise to your RFD for that. :oops:

Most of the rimfire mods are now available from stock, but the new MK2 centrefire cal. specific mods are built to order as there are so many different calibre requests. Delivery on centrefire mods should still be less than three weeks though. Some of the new stuff is here:

Cheers. :)


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to cure the glare prob try putting a strip of insulation tape across the bottom of the objective end of your scope, you will not notice its there when you look through it.