DMQ level 2 in Scotland


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If anyone is conseidering doing their DMq level 2 and stalking in Scotland it might be wiser to await the outcome of the DCS consultation process that is keen on setting up a register of stalkers who have passed a competency exam

Only those on the register would be allowed to take deer in scotland.

food for thought?


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Sorry if I've misunderstood, but surely that would make it compulsary to have the qualification before stalking. Why therefore wait? Why not get it done and pre-emt the strike?

Again, sorry if I got totally the worng end of the stick. (wouldnt be the first time :oops: )



Stringer you are correct mate i spoke to a chap at DCS and he said the competency would be Lev 2 or other equivalent qualifications.


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Level 2

The level 2 is not an exam

but to get it you must do the level 1 which is.

If the DCS allows the Level 2 as proof of compentency then that is fine but I find that at the moment you are being told what you want to hear.

more money is what these boyos are after and they will get it one way or another.