Do as i say not as i do


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Shock horror the hypocrisy of extinction rebellion,s founder currently stopping you living your life with her minions .
She drives a diesel cos she needs it and can't afford an electric car !!!
News flash idiot neither can we


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Electric cars aren’t very environmentally friendly at all. An old diesel that lasts 50 years is a far less damaging vehicle.

Electric cars are only for clean air in first world cities. The damage they do to third world countries doesn’t seem to matter.


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Does anyone know what car?

I’d have a modicum of sympathy if it’s a diesel hatchback but if it’s some SUV then she is as stated, it’s not like such a vehicle has ever been the ‘green’ option.

Pretty hard to see how she can be ok with the long haul flight, given how she tells everyone else to live.


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I cease to be surprised about the rank hypocrisy of these champagne socialist idealists..... The only reason they're all protesting is due to the fact that they can't get away on their usual long haul holiday flights to somewhere like Macchu Picchu so they can buy some overprice tourist tat from an earthy street vendor - so they can bore the pants off all their other well meaning friends at their homecoming dinner parties.
Don't worry, once the coronavirus situation has settled down, they'll be able to carry on their usual wasteful lifestyles and get back to taking Tarquin and Jemima off to their holiday home in France/Spain/Italy etc..... And hopefully by then the papers will have some real news to report and the XR gits can stop screwing up the day to day lives of those people who actually have to work!


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Travels 11000 miles to Costa Rica to luxury resort. Claims it was because what she wanted to do was 'illegal in the UK' . . . . and can't even tell us what model of car she drives

There's a word for her; starts with 'C', has a 'u', and a 't', and isn't 'cute'.