do you ever find yourself losing things?


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Fascinating. In this day and age and in this country, they'd certainly find out who the rifle belonged to and no doubt consider revoking a certificate, posthumously! :)


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I am definitely losing the plot - went to the cash machine took out fity quid, put my card back in my wallet and walked away leaving the cash. Only realised when I pulled up at the petrol station!
Then decanted hand wash onto my toothbrush:eek:
I am in bed right now wondering what is next!


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I must have reached that age where the thing I lose most often is my memory. Some would say temper would be a close second.

ps bet the rifle has a story to tell.


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Makes you wonder what the person who lost it was up to all those years ago.
BBC News - Rifle from 1882 found leaning on tree in Nevada park
Chances are it was left there long after 1882. I know people who hunted with those rifles when they were young. Oddly, it's not uncommon to find a firearm in the woods. A friend found a 1906 Winchester leaning between two rocks many years ago. It was rusted and rat chewed, 50 miles from the nearest town. One can't help but think that some disaster befell it's owner.~Muir