do you home load

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Do you home load

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Hi, quick you home load? Please just answer yes or no, this is not a discussion point but a quick survey. Many thanks.


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Oh what the hell, if you have time let us know what you load, and maybe why........but please don't disagree with anyone. Keep the poll as a poll, not an argument . Thanks.


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i once borrowed a gun on a shoot with some ammo which was home loaded and had a bad experience!!! :eek:
i was out in the field and for a second could not remember if i loaded up, after opening the bolt i found the bullet to be what i thought was a spent round, after my embarrassment, i proceeded to load in another round and found i couldnt quite shut the bolt!
the rounds i had borrowed had obviously not been crimped tight enough on the head and it left the bullet head in the barrel.
im just glad i wasnt able to get another round in as if i had taken a shot, who knows what the result may have been!!!!!
im sure everyone on here who home loads does a good job but it does go to show if rounds are not made with special care then they can be potentially lethal!!
i have always bought factory!!!




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270 X 2

357 handgun usually I shoot 38 special out of it. But I do not homeload for it.

Home loaded for about 10 years I would guess.


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Been at it for about 15 years and still learning :D l probably only load about 150-200 rnds of the various calibres listed a year.


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I brought some so called old stock 6.5x55 rounds from a local gun shop. They were all sized differently and the bolt action wouldn't close correctly. Turned out they were reloads and should not have been sold to me!
It put me off reloads but I think with a good tutor I would enjoy reloading. It seems with factory rounds, that you get used to one type of bullet/grains/make and then the shop stops selling them! I have 100 grain RWS for my 243. They are great, I'd like to home load to their spec or similar.
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