Do you mind if I give the new Deer Manager your number?

Well that is always a nice text message to receive - and thank you for checking with me first.

"Hello there S62, you have been recommended to me as a good bloke to know. Handsome, popular with the ladies and all round good guy. We all wish we could be more like you.
Would you be interesting in helping me out with managing the deer?"

I am paraphrasing, but you get the gist.

Long short.

I drove across to his Estate last week to put faces to names and discuss the possibility of me being able to help him out. I was (I hope I always am) upfront with him

"If you are looking for a chap to be out five times a week, then I am not your man".

"No. Just once a month would be a help".

I was thinking once a week would be doable, so this may just work for the both of us. The plan is to meet up at 0630 hours one day next week and have a sit up. That day is today.

As usual, any sleep I have before a morning outing, is fitful at best. This Estate is about an hour away and so is a wee bit of a schlep. Having loaded the truck up the previous evening, I am on the road by 0430. It is bitterly cold and there is significant fog about.

I am bimbling along at about 40mph in a 60 - wending my way through a real "pea souper". Some ****er other motorist, overtakes me on a double white and screams off into God knows what. I decline to dip my full-beam as he does so. I curse myself for taking the prick's bait.

Arriving at the nominated gate on the Estate, the fog is so thick, that I park up and dismount to check the gate is the actual gate I think it is. It is.

At 0625 up rocks the Keeper. He is in one of those Argo type trucks and has a beautiful BMH with him. I jump in with him and face the disgust of the BMH whose seat I have just taken.

Target species are Roe Doe, Muntjac and Fox.

A brief drive into the woods, and I am left to walk the short distance to my seat and the Keeper drives off towards his, on the other side of the block. The Keeper tells me that he and his team have been around all forty seats and tidied them up - made them more comfortable and but backs on them. It turns out he has also removed all the pipe insulation from them - he is not a fan. I must come up with a "portable" solution for stopping the clanging of rife on metal seat.

After about an hour, I have seen nothing of interest. Of all the deer calls that are available, I have found that the best is either opening a flask of coffee, opening your refs. or taking a "natural". I went for the refs. and coffee combo.

Still nothing.

It happens.

0737 hours a shot rings out from the Keeper's direction.
0738 hours a second shot rings out from the Keeper's direction.

By about 0830 when I heard the Keeper driving back to pick me up, I spy my first deer. It is a Roe Buck and is sprinting across the field to my left. It is the only deer I have seen all morning.

It transpires that the Keeper's two shots, were a Muntjac Doe and Buck. He has done well.

He is apologetic that he has put me in the "hot seat" and that he has then shot the deer.

I could not care less and tell him so. It is just a joy to be out.

He gives me a map of the Estate and promises a key for the gates.

"Would you like to come out on our evening "team culls" - we aim to have one a week and it would be helpful to have an extra gun".

I indicate that I would be happy to do so.

Nothing today from me - other that a reconnaissance report - let us see what future outings will bring.

Just so very grateful for the opportunity.


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@Stalker1962 here is a portable rifle support bag designed just for the situation you describe, also reassuringly expensive!



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Good write up and well enjoyed 👍

Obvious question though, you said you “declined to dip your full beam” but why were you driving on full beam in a pea-souper, surely it was just bouncing back in your face?



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Good write up and well enjoyed 👍

Obvious question though, you said you “declined to dip your full beam” but why were you driving on full beam in a pea-souper, surely it was just bouncing back in your face?
Good point.

The fog, although very thick, was patchy, and more so in the "dips" in the road. I was constantly switching between dipped beam and full beam, dependant on the presence of the fog.

In any event; I should not have done it.
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I purchased / use / have a padded purpose made left hand glove that looks like a mitten with a slit and a normal one on the right, the padding is brilliant and waterproof for shooting off of and it keeps you warm, the ones i have you can slip the right inside the other glove for warmth

i thought they were a bit dorky until i tried them in cold weather, for a bare high seat they do work pretty well, they are always in the truck and minimises rifle to high seat contact


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Have used exactly this bag successfully from a low bar high seat and from a truck window while lamping.

Ps Im with your keeper - hate the feel to pipe lagging, it also squeaks when wet and makes a nasty mess when the wildlife messes with it.


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paul o'

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Anyone got any suggestions for this issue?

On our own syndicate we use pipe insulation and Sniper Tape - but this Keeper is not keen - so something that I can fit in the Vorn and deploy on the day and take away (obviously I will forget to take it away) on each occasion.
I some times if I know carry the same pipe foam just a few feet as its so light and folds easy into a long sock and a roll of tape just remove and take away each time or a rally seat belt cover that has the Velcro to hold it in place got some some place but pref the tube and tape.
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