Do You Remember Baikal Rekord Cartridges ?

Well I was given about 75 in 12G black plastic cases with the head-stamp 'Made in the USSR', so it seemed a shame not to use them.
Went out tonight shooting rabbits in the harvest field whilst my pal was combining. For those who remember the Rekord (fondly or painfully), I can confirm that despite their 30 or 40 years of age, they still bang like an artillery piece, kick like a mule and put enough burning crud in the air to risk setting the stubble alight.
Oh and they kill rabbits very well too. Despite ear defenders and using a Browning Fusion gas operated self-loader, I have a headache, ringing ears and sore shoulder. Whatever did the Soviets load them with ? Jolly good cartridges though..... anyone want to try a few, just for old-times sake ? :rolleyes:


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They were in a class all of their own. ohh the memories .. I can feel the bruising coming back. But If anybody still has a 1000 in no 6 I'll have them


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Fabulous memories of the 80's shooting down the line, local farm shoot on Cae Glas ( with a bloke/boy in the trap house mind! Manual traps back then) with the chap next to me shooting baikals while I looked sideways to watch the 18" flames out of the end of the barrels. Bloody noisy! I used to stuff tissue paper in my ears. Not many ear defs about.
still got half a dozen in AAA bought for god knows what in my odd and sods box.


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Great cartridge, they are all used to use for duck and geese on the 100ft washes they worked very well, long before the days of lead free.


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I shot my first ever fox on a fox drive with one of these. Upon pulling the trigger and seeing the flash i thought something was wrong, but they got the job done. Soviet efficiency!

bruce w

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yes happy days, clay nest bottoms didnt stand a chance ,remember the S&B paper 7/8 oz roll turnover ,now they could realy put up a smoke screen on a still day at the woodies.


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Back in the late seventies and early eighties I used to order a thousand from the importer in Colchester, pay by 'plastic' and by the time the plastic was due to be paid, I'd used the cartridges to shoot pigeons, sold them and made enough money to pay the plastic and have some left over.
That was in the days when you could order them over the phone and come home to find them propped up against your front door.
Yes they were very cheap but did the job. I must have used thousands and not had a dud, maybe the extra 'wumph' now and again followed by a bruised shoulder but they all 'worked' !!


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i rember using baikel record for everything from clays to geese.:D
yes the flash lit up the sky when shooting ducks on an evening filght but at £64 per 1000 why would you complain.:thumb:


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Remember taking a few apart from different boxes to discover no matter what shot size it said on the box the shot was from dust too 9's through too BB's not many were spherical.Wf1


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Remember taking a few apart from different boxes to discover no matter what shot size it said on the box the shot was from dust too 9's through too BB's not many were spherical.Wf1
Years ago (1970's) I opened a few up. No fear of any of the shot rolling off the table. Spherical shot it was not but late evening / night shooting rooks was flaming spectacular (and loud)!


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Uncle Norm, I can still remember "His Supreme Tassleship" shooting a golden plover on the fen with my granddads much abused H & H Royal with one. One of the lasting memories of my childhood.
HST has a lot to answer for!
Yep. John Forsey’s Gentrys sold them under the counter so-to-speak and only if you remembered the magic password and certainly not c/o a tellingbone order:

“Shine Tiny Sun”




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Inever had a misfire and shot a Hare stone dead at 65paces with the black Records.I believe that a proportion of Black powder was added to ensure ignition in the very cold areas of Russia like Siberia etc.Thats why they were so sooty an d had a flame.