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We are due to have some pups (tonight?) and I cant find a local vet who will dock the pups. They are Cockers and so will definately benefit in the long run from this procedure. Now I am getting realy cheesed off when I phone Vets and they just tell me that it's to traumatic. I asked one who said this "have you never seen the trauma of a dog that has it's tail ripped to bits then" she wasn't best pleased, but I was at my wits end with it all. The nearest that I can find is a vet over an hour and a quarter away, I don't want to subject a tired mum and two day old pups to the journey. So does anyone have any suggestions, I am in Filey (Scarborough North Yorks)
And sorry for the rant but I am realy miffed by peoples ignorance.
Thanks Andy

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Thanks Mike, I'll have a look but Selby is still a good distance. Please send me the details through though, I'll see if they'll do it.
Cheers Andy

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The Council of Docked Breeds used to keep a list of vets who will dock - but not anymore. They suggest you contact either BASC or the Countryside Alliance as they framed the regulations in conjunction with DEFRA so presumably know of vets who will dock.

Countryside Alliance 020 7840 9200 or BASC 01244 573019

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Ash, I've tried to reply to your pm mate but it wont let me for some reason. Thanks for the info, thats only 40 minutes for me. Fantastic.
Thanks for the help guys. ;)