Doctor Optic Red dot or Leupolds 1-4x20

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for running boar what are your thoughts on either a red dot sight - doctor optic, or a low powered 1-4 x20 zoom. Not worried by low light performance and don't want to tie up funds in top end S&B, Swarovski etc. Leupolds vx2 / hog scope looks a good choice for the money, or the doctor optic.


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I have the Leopold for exactly that application, for my .308 T3.
It is a lovely scope, but needs quite a lot of practice to mount, acquire the target, and keep the reticle on it, especially if moving.
In dense/dark woods I would err towards the red dot, because the Leupold reticle is relatively harder to see, but in more open country, or better lighting it is great.
I have used red dots elsewhere: very easy to use, but eventually/at some stage you might find the lack of magnification a problem.


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Docter Optic is a good little sight if fiddly to adjust. That or an Aimpoint ought to work well to 100m but they're not for fussing with.


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I use an AIMPOINT 9000L (L for longer action, S for short). The batteries last literally forever and ever (50 000 Hrs) and the dot is very very small and easy to adjust for brightness
After its been sighted in its just point and shoot... the secret to shooting with any red dot be it Doctor, EOtech, Bushnell or Aimpoint etc is to keep both eyes on the target rather than squinting into the sight with just one eye. thats where they win over a scope for rapid target acquisition because you never lose sight of your target.
I think most red dot sights are 1x.
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Aim Point Micro or 9000L Or look at the Meopta R1 1-4x22 with the K-dot ret. The newer Meopta R2 1-6x24 looks a nice scope as well but costs quite a bit more than the R1


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It's very hard to find a true 1x with daytime visible illumination in the price bracket you imply. I'd say if you cannot see the scope before buying, go for the red dot from reputable manufacturer.
I would agree. A state-of-the-art red dot is very cheap. To get somewhat comparable usability or target acquisition from a traditional variable it would have to be true 1x with a wide fov and a very forgiving eyebox. You are talking big money. Low four figures (in Euros) isn't going to cut it. Even then depending on your eyes the variable may still not be as seamless for fast target acquisition and shooting both eyes open.

Some feel like the true 1x variable is just as good as a red dot or even better while some feel like no variable can match a red dot for close range work.

As far as red dots go I use a Docter Sight II+, an Aimpoint H34L and a Aimpoint Micro H2. They all have their advantages. The docter sight is by far the smallest yet with a nice big "window" and a very tiny frame around the glass. It's also quite affordable. However robust it is not. Any time you bang the docter sight on anything cross your fingers and hope you didn't break it.

FWIW in my opinion the Meopta 1-6 R2 eyebox is nowhere near forgiving enough to replace a red dot for 1x work.