Doe stalking


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Hi all,

I've just had a bit of a shock.
Around this time of year my work load tails off a bit so i usually book a couple of days doe stalking for me and a mate in the scotish borders.
This is my little treat for a job well done and sets me up for the next few months. I just got off the phone with the guy that we allways go to and he said that he still had some dates free so i was all set to book up then he told me that he had put his price per stalk up by £20 and the B+B up £10
I know everyones costs have gone up but his prices went up last year by a fair bit, My mate has just said that he's out unless we only go up for 1 night and to be hohnest it's not worth the near 5 hour drive for one night/ 2 stalks so that's the end of that. over the last 2 weeks i've emailed or called 3 different people regarding stalking but not one has bothered to reply as yet so i'll have to see what happens.