Does any have info on this rifle,????


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Very cool old piece!
It replaced the No.4 Rolling Block .22 LR... yes, a downsized action of the same No.1 in .45-70, and in 7x57 Mauser. What a wonderful starter rifle for a boy!

I am restoring my son's No.4, which is really a boy-sized rifle. My grandfather bought it for himself, with his own money, in 1881. Then my father learned to shoot on it, until he bought a Winchester bolt action with his own money in 1933, for $5.45. My grandfather taught me to shoot on his old No.4 when I was five. My father gave the Rolling Block to my son when he was seven. I sure hope you have a boy or girl who can enjoy shooting that old No. 6 as much as all of us enjoyed ours.


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I have completely rebuilt at least 10 #4 Rolling Blocks when the black powder club decided to have Schuetzen-style matches with .22's. I like them quite a bit, but I'm particularly fond of the ones with the threaded barrel shank. I relined several of the take down .22's and relined one of the threaded models to 32 Short Colt for black powder gallery style shooting. I don't know how well it shot but the owner was happy. My own #4 was restocked with a curved butt plate, vernier tang sight, globe front sight and palm rest. I made the liner by turning down a Parker Hale lined Martini barrel (take off) to 8mm diameter. I installed a hammer fly and got the trigger down to a sweet 1.5 pounds. It was a seriously accurate rifle with CCI Green Tag.~Muir