does anyone know what has happend to my PC?

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Offroad Gary

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Hi all,

my work pc does not remember my login anymore and the ability to post pictures in the trophy room is not there!

my home pc is fine.

does anyone know what might have happened/changed???



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If it's on a network someone might have been fiddling with the Firewall settings.

If it's on it's own perhaps windows has run an update and it altered your security settings, you might need to adjust the firewall settings to allow things to work...without having a fiddle it's hard to know.

Always worth a try: clean out your internet cache (in Internet Explorer, Choose 'Delete Browsing History' - but don't click the 'delete passwords' button) and then restart you PC.


Andy L

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Funny that Gary, The same happened to my computer about two weeks ago. The laptop is fine but my home machine does not recognise me at all and won't post pictures.
Very odd but I will look into it. If you find the reason, let me know. Cheers
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