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For Sale: dog crate


Well-Known Member
dog crate for sale in duns region.

approx. 45" X75" with black tray insert. collapsible type of thick steel mesh/grid. Was used for a lab previously..he chewed the plastic handles on top though, that's the only damage.

£25 collected


Well-Known Member
This is the PKL that still owes me £1400 AS RIPPED ME OFF ON A RIFLE BUILD, dont trust him also hes trade selling stuff on here thought he was going to be banned nothing but a crook.

Anyone wanting a rifle rebuild or refurb he will promise you the world take your money then not deliver the goods, since ive said similar on here had 3 others PM me concerned , hes a crook and also a RFD its a joke, should have all licences revoked and be made to repay all he as taking for a ride.
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