"dog deaths"


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Good Morning everyone, im sure some might of heard about this already if not then, you may way need to keep vigilant eye when out with your dogs, there are a lot of sudden deaths with dogs at the moment, all to do with "seasonal canine illness", it comes about very quickly, please see below links to certain website which tell you the areas in which our pooches are likely to contract this terrible illness and the signs your best bud might have it. I already have had a mate have three of his working dogs suffer his best of the bunch sadly didnt pull through....





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Would urge everyone to fill out the survey with the AHT, whether they have had it or not, if you live in the area do it, only way we can learn more about it and find out what causes it.


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My Cocker suffered this and has recovered, though it was iffy for a while. I have heard of 2 further cases around here recently that didn't make it. My area is Worcestershire/Shropshire so you don't need to be in one of the core areas.

The best defense seems to be keeping the dogs well dosed with frontline as most, though not all, cases present with harvest mites. Mine did, she was riddled with them if you want to see: https://www.facebook.com/TheAvenueVeterinaryCentreMalvernLtd?fref=ts Sept 26th entry: Dog owners please read. A 6 year old....

So, if your dog becomes lethargic, and you have been out within the last day or two, suspect it; don't hesitate as they don't all get sickness/diarrhea, fever, etc etc.


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We have had dogs get ill on our shoot which is on forestry land for the last couple of years so most people won't take their dogs until there's been a frost, it generally affected the smaller dogs worse.


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My GWP got this a couple of years ago after a walk around sherwood forest - she was up to date with Frontline etc. etc. and was fine after the walk, ate her dinner fine but then late evening seemed a bit 'off'. Following morning we came down to sick on the floor and she barely raised her head from her basket - straight to the vet and a huge does of anti-biotics and she started to recover.

Bloody scary to see how quickly she deteriorated - it gets reported around these parts every year so I am always careful where I walk my two around this time of year.