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Ladies and Gents

Im just mulling over some insurance for my 4 month old cocker pup, and fighting my way through the nightmare that is comparison sites, differing levels of cover, excess, voluntary excess, variable excess and drinking to excess....

Coincidentally, I've been contemplating joining BASC, or another shooting organisation, and see that they are linked to Agria. Has anyone got any views to share on them, or any other insurers, that will cover a working dog for something less than a small mortgage premium wise? I'm struggling to sift through the details but really think I will insure this one as a wife and growing family means not much spare cash sat idly in the bank! All thoughts would be most welcome



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Mine are with Pet Plan who used to I believe be the BASC partner. I checked last renewal and they were substantially cheaper than Agria, over 9 years I have had one claim. That was a branch that went into my GWP while beating around her shoulder area, simple injury turned into a 6 month nightmare of 3 operations and they covered the lot no quibbles no questions including changing vets mid way treatment. Paid the vet direct minus £80 or something excess so I can only give the thumbs up.
Look at what you need included personally I just wanted cover for this kind of eventuality as I'm not one who would put a dog through some of the "treatments" for ongoing conditions that seem to be why some of the gold plated cover is quite so expensive


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Thanks for that. NFU I looked at but unfortunately you need to have home insurance with them to qualify, I'll take a good look at all the policies over the next couple of days.

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I insure my cocker with pet-guard. They seem to be reasonably priced. However you will never know how good they are until you need to make a claim.(touch wood will not need to)

regards steve