Dog training bag/pouch.


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Anyone recommend a dog training bag or pouch to carry 2 leads and treats etc. My pup has a fixation on his lead when round my neck!!!


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Have a look at the Mystique brand from Muntjac Trading. Their bags seem to be fairly robustly made and the current one is going strong so far. I have also had bags from Sporting Saint fall apart after a year or two.

jimmy milnes

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Small Brady fishing bag. You must have loads
Sounds like the first thing you need to train is not to jump up at ya whistle and lead 🤣

Sorry but ya left the goal wide open for that...

Just a normal game bag, couple of dummies and everything you need will easy fit in it and when the pups older it's used for its intended purpose when you're shooting over it..
Cheers Jimmy


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Train out fixations early in their life! Who's in charge, you or the puppy? Not sure why you would want to put a dirty lead around your neck though anyway and especially if it's a greasy chessie one. 🤮
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