Dog trapped! Happy ending.


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Dog and I left as usual in the predawn darkness,drove a few K`s and walked the road to a destination gully.As usual i noticed my dog nosing and scenting in preparation to marking a pi$$ site.
He was 30 yards in front of me and next second he was in a Wild Dog Controllers trap. I did think for a second that he had been hit by a snake and feared the worse but I then saw the tether chain and I got over to him and steadied him with a few words as even your best dog will bite you as you are attempting to take the trap from his foot.
I used my tripod to hold his head back and quickly released him. I do believe that he remembered being caught in a rabbit gin 11 years ago and thus he stayed calm this time.
The previous time I couldn't get near his foot so I lassoed his head and tied him off nice and short and thus released him.
As a footnote all Wild Dog Controllers traps are to have a metal ID tag on them,this one wasnt tag equipped . I rang another WDC bloke I know and he advised that "yes so and so is running a line there" .

I missed the WDC`s alert notice tacked to a tree in the dark otherwise i wouldn't have gone there,happy ending,both dog and I saw a v/stag with no luck with the camera.


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Glad dog was OK. I've read about those cyanide traps sometimes used in the states for coyote. Those bloody things give me the absolute creeps. Thank feck it wasn't anything like that


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Hi John

Great to read a safe ending though probably a tad sore for Mr B!
Whilst I appreciate you have almost 'open access' the Government Fellah get in through the bush as if I recall you are somewhat off the tarmac?
Look after Mr B - he may be deaf but the snozzle and eyes still work very well for you!



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Bruiser - I understood this to be your main Hounds label...........
Mind you age and old eyes may not have assisted recollection!