Dog walkers help sometimes


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Went for a walk around the estate for the last hour and a half on Saturday afternoon , I normally only do mornings due to the amount of footpaths. As soon as I had parked up I bumped into one of the ladies who picks up on our shoot walking her dogs, we chatted for 5mins and went off in opposite directions. I was making my way to one of the woods that hadn't been shot for a few weeks, i rounded the corner to hear somebody trying to call there dog back to them, next thing I see is a lone doe plonking across the field with a small dog behind losing ground. Thinking that would be it I turned round to go back to another area when about 20+ deer jump through the hedge and stand about twenty yards from were I was standing, rifle was straight up a sorral presented[FONT=HelveticaNeue, Arial, sans-serif] an excellent shot. Down it went to a neck shot it was just a case of being in the right place at the right time[/FONT]


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I have to use dog walkers a lot, lots of footpaths, but a lot of walkers have a routine, so as soon as I hear that terrier yapping, down from the high seat I go and across to a well used deer run from some thicket. As the walker makes his way along the track he tends to push any deer out in front of him. Occasionally all works well and out pops a Munti or Roe and they may stand with a bark just long enough to get that cull figure nearer to complete!
Sadly this isn't always the case, the other day I was out at first light and within 20 minutes a lady and her spaniel are walking down the track, say good morning and carry on alerting everything within 100 yards, off goes the doe I,m stalking, barking like mad at being disturbed again. I gave up at about 09:30 as by now 6 walkers had been through and this was a Tuesday morning, doesn't anyone work anymore!

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By the time today's kids get to retire they'll be too old to walk their dogs.
Drawing pension and finishing paying back the student loan will coincide.