Dog with no interest.

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Hi guys,
I have a mate with a dog training problem. His dog has totaly lost interest in tracking, he says it just sits and wont work at all. I don't know how to advise him, so I thought if I posted a picture someone here might have some idea where he is going wrong. As you can see the by the dogs expression he has no intention of working the scent.



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Stone it looks like a pair of your best ones. You only wear them on saturday and sunday and then put them back in the draw it next weekend! :eek: :lol:


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damn mr B
i 've been looking for them ,now i remember where i saw them
can i hav them back please they are not meant to be used as your face mask , no, it's all right, you keep them as you hav probally strecthed them by now trying to get them over your head :lol:
buckup , what hav you started here ;)


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What a cracking photo, but looks like the owner of the kex may have touched cloth at some point :lol: , they look a bit skidded up to me :oops:

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