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For Sale: Dogtra Audible Locator Collar Dogtra StB Beep Low Tone

Big Sweep

Well-Known Member
for all the years I have been dealing with Dogtra I have never been asked to supply one of these collars. Then in the last two months I have sold around 10 of them. Specifically for people with some type of hearing loss. They are not an electric collar, they are an audible location collar. They can be set to emit a certain beeping tone while your dog is running then a different tone when your dog goes on point. All of the ones sold have specifically been in the low tone range as many like me have high tone hearing loss. The tone is quite piercing and allows you to locate your dog when it silently goes on point in cover and can't be found. Other variants can be supplied which make a squawking noise instead of a beep.

"The Dogtra StB-Hawk has two operating modes: "Run/Point” and "Point Only”.In the ‘Run/Point’ mode, the beeper collar emits a double beep every 7 seconds while the dog is moving. Then, it will change automatically to a beep sound every 2 seconds when the dog is on point.
In the ‘Point Only’ mode, the beeper collar remains silent when the dog is moving. When the dog goes on point, the beeper collar will emit a beep sound (or hawk sound, if this option has been chosen) every 2 seconds until the dog starts moving again".


£111.00 Including P&P

Dogtra StB Beep.



Well-Known Member
a few of us have used this type of collar for years for our pointing dogs that we use in our falconry. Vital tool if your dog enters thick cover or for a brown pointer on a heather moor!!