Dogtra RB 1000 Audible Location Collar

Big Sweep

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This is an offer for Stalking Directory members only. I am supplying the Dogtra RB 1000 audible location collar as near to cost price as I can get it for you after covering postage and PayPal fees.

This collar does not have any form of electrical stimulation. It is purely and simply to audibly locate your dog when it is on point for example.


All the details for the collar are located on the Dogtra Europe Website

The price is £229.00 The payment link is below.

For those of you doing your homework. You may see this collar cheaper on Ebay posted direct from France. I have it on good authority from the managing director of Dogtra Europe that this seller has never purchased a Dogtra RB 1000 from them.


slink dog

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What size are these collars will they be too big for a teckel? As Will it hinder its speed greatly as I work two or three together and wouldn't want the one with the tracker being left behind .what are they like in dense woodland for a signal .any info would be good .Thanks in advance . Ian