Wanted: Donegal / Derry, Ireland. Deer stalking permission, syndicate place or equivalent


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I am new to this site so please excuse the use of any wrong terminology or any incorrect assumptions I have made.

I am trying every avenue I can to try and make some inroads to the stalking fraternity. So would be grateful if anyone could provide any land with Deer stalking permission, a syndicate place or equivalent or could even put me into contact with any friendly people involved in this field in this area.

I have previously written to the club secretary for the Irish deer society, wild deer Ireland and others. They ether don’t reply or say that stalking in that area is usually run by private syndicates you need to make contact with one of their members(How?). I have contacted “Irish forest sales” (assuming people with forests would have a contact maybe) but again ran into a brick wall.
Any help would be much appreciated. To give you a bit of background I have used a .22 for years on small mammals and have recently changed to .17HMR. I am a “normal person”, sensible, safety aware, teach in a Grammar School and am based in the Derry/Donegal border area.

Any contacts anywhere would be great ideally closer the better but as I know deer population levels generally increase as you go west so I am aware that if anyone is willing to help it will more than likely be in that direction. Anywhere in Ballybofey would be great, Glenties area would still be amazing, really anywhere would be great. On the off chance someone is reading this in Tyrone/Fermanagh area that would be great as well.
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Hey Ronan here. Drop me a message and i'll give you as many stalks as you can handle. The drags will be tough but nothing like learning the hard way. I am lifting the trail camera so will send you a few photos of all that triggers it. I have a great 2yr old Bavarian Hound too so if you have a runner, no worries, we will find it. This comes with a health warning. Buck fever is highly contagious.