Dorset Roe Pics.

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Was out walking in a field in Dorset & came across these 3 little beauties. Am very glad I had my camera with me. They allowed me to walk right across the field within 35 yards of them. They kept looking at me as if to say "Mmmmm I know something isn't quite right here but I don't know what it is" They kept running up to me, licking the air trying to get my scent & then running away again. Whilst I appreciate a bit of bambi on my plate, it was a wonderful experience to see them just doing "deer" things.



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Peter Eaton

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I was with Michelle when she took these pictures. We were actually shooting bunnies and spotted the buck chomping merrily on a hedge-line. I said to Michelle to stalk into them as they dindt know we were there, Chell managed to get to 35 yards in an open field and I reckon she could have even got a tad closer as the deer were a ease. It was funny to watch them sneaking about trying to fathom out what was happening and at time the older Doe suddenly dashing 6 paces towards Chell and then stopping and licking her nose and scenting the air. Chell go some good vid clips too so I will get her post them on utube.


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Lovely pictures Thanks for posting

Sometimes it is amazing just how close you can approach roe in full view before they spook. I bet if you had swapped the camera for a deer rifle they wouldnt have been so accomodating.

Great Shots ! Well Done

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