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I thought i'd post this to give Dougster credit where it's due and to hopefully help his business along.

After years of stalking and using many knives, including some very expensive custom jobs, I have come to the conclusion thet the best knife I have used is the plain old Victorinox butchers knife in 5 and 6 inch versions. They are cheap, easily obtainable, easily sharpened and hold their edge. I use them for all my larder work and always wanted to carry one whilst stalking but never had a sheath for one.

This is where Dougster came in after being recommended by another member from the site. I had a new knife delivered to his house and within a week he made a bespoke leather sheath to my exact specification. I am chuffed to bits with his work and can thoroughly recommend him for any leather work you might require. he is going to make me a belt next.

Above is the sheath he made. Thanks again Richard.
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