dpt sound moderators


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I have one on a .308 Tikka T3 and it works (very well) for me. The sound reduction is comparable to my other mod, a Wildcat Predator 8, but it is less than half the weight (260g vs 600g), so far less effect on the balance of the rifle. I have fired c.100 rds through it so far, and no signs of erosion on the baffles.


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There's a few folk on here have them, and the general concensus of opinion so far is good I believe.
I recently got one for my 6.5x47, got the stainless baffle for sustained abuse and two extra baffles. The two extra baffles made a discernable difference in report, although standard was perfectly good. Muzzle flip isnt huge on my rifle, but no difference using an SL5i and the DPT.
I'd be careful of over tightening the baffles, the O ring seal does a good job of keeping things secure. My extra two baffles came stuck together, but eventually got them apart once I'd put over a hundred rounds through it. I slacken each baffle after each use.
I like mine, but haven't owned a modular moderator before so can't offer a comparison with other manufacturers.


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I have three of them, .204 ruger, .223 and a 6.5 Creedmoor. Brilliant mods, Quiet, very light and strip able. perfect


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I have 2 of them 22-250 and 243,nice and light and good noise reduction - and you can buy more baffles if you want more noise reduction




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Yes, have one on my .308. (standard 5-sections). They are well made and a good trade off between noise reduction, weight and pointability. Allows you to sling the rifle over the shoulder muzzle-up no problem with out it wanting to ride backwards all the time.

Just make sure that you slacken off all the sections and add some Copaslip before use otherwise they can be a bugger to undo for cleaning.

Fired @60 rounds through it and just some minor gas cutting of the anodising on the baffles.

Came from Steve Beatty at Ivythorn Sporting.


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I have 2 of them. Both with the stainless baffle in 308 and 204.
Brilliant moderators, very light and compact with good sound reduction.

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Have two. On 6.5x55 and 30-06. Both excellent strippable. Would recommend as s stalking mod. Bit light for range work.



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Just got one a couple of weeks ago, love it!!! A couple of mates are getting them after seeing mine, hearing how quiet it is qnd how light it is.


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Have one that is technically a 6.5mm bore. I use it on a .270 and .222 and cannot fault it on either. Extremely light - in fact so light that it has no effect on POI at 100m in either rifle, and doesn't noticeably affect handling. Quiet enough that I can shoot the .270 quite happily without ear defence, and can shoot the .222 on an urban golf course within 25m of houses and not disturb people.

Really, really pleased with it.

As as has been mentioned, the pitting appears pretty quickly and builds up fast. But I'm happy to treat the baffles as a consumable.


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i have a few. one on the .223/.222 has a stainless baffle but its not got a bigger hole in it from flash cutting. the next baffle needs replacing soon, the next ones are well stuck so no idea on them. i have had about 3 years. seen a few rounds, but not loads compared to others. its been used on a few different 22 cals but was hoping it would last longer. at a guess, 5000 rounds.
on my stalking rifle no problems, but then thats only a few rounds a month.

for field work its spot on but it you put a few rounds down then think about a solid stainless or even double up the stainless baffle stack in the DPT