dragging on flat, boggy ground. How??


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A perennial problem - would be very grateful to hear of people's solutions - the lower tech the better.

Have been shooting large fallow deer on flat, boggy ground. Extraction is proving to be an ordeal: often can't get a quad closer than 1km (sometimes further). Dragging has required 2 people, takes an age and is exhausting. So far just been using a rope tied around the head.

Does anyone have any tricks or suggestions for speeding things up?


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Stand a 45 gallon drum up. Cut it in half vertically and cut two wholes in the end attach rope. I find drag bags not good in wet boggy ground as it still sinks in. With a plastic 45 gallon drum it's plastic and lasts for years. Also light and washable.


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It's fibre glass, wouldn't be my first choice. I think HDPE would be a much better choice of material. GRP cracks easily and once the gel coat has worn through the actual glass fibre will wear quickly.


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Look at these. just started to appear in Sweden. Dead Sled
And they're made of HDPE, which is as I said earlier. Wonderful material, strong, low friction and easy to clean with virtually anything.

Having said that, I wonder if a very heavy duty flexible PVC would do the trick, as in the stuff truck side curtains are made of ??? :idea:
And which we keep in stock :rolleyes: