Dress code for Stalking ?


Hi there, is there any traditional clothes in Uk for hunting? What are you dress when you are outside, some traditional hats or something else ?


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Wear whatever floats your boat mate. I'm confortable in camo, don't care what the other ones are saying.


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I agree with shootgun, just go with what ya feel most comfortable in.
Unless you want to aim to be with the tweed brigade

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There is no formal dress code in the UK, unless you are mixing with Royalty. In my opinion Camouflage clothing is effective, many people wear Camo, and many wear plain dark olive.

If you are new to stalking, gloves and a face net are important concealment aids, a good hat and a jacket with a hood also helps. Make sure that you have plenty of room in the clothing for additional layers in the winter. Gortex boots for the summer, and neoprene lined rubber Wellington boots for the winter.


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I have seen some areas which specify no cammo but I can't remember where they were. Stupidity factor doing well this morning.