Drillings and Combination Guns

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must admit ive always wanted one but why??....just because.....

there was one on gun trader a few months ago and it was a .410/ .22lr and was only 230 quid and good condition

buggered up there i think...should have went for it....could have made for a bit of fun if going out for a wander at the rabbits.

bet i dont see another !!! typical



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Gitano, I think a classic old drilling like yours is best without a scope. My combi has factory fitted claw mount with the rings, well half rings soldered to the scope.
The scope is a Kalhes 2.3-7x32
Have a look at www.widforss.se click on vapenauktionen at the top of the page. There is a list of past auctions. if you click on Drillingar and Kombi I'm sure that will make your wallet twitch a bit. Not forgetting the double rifles and so on. Sorry the discription of the weapons is in Swedish.


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Thanks for the link, Jagare. I wandered around for a while. There are certainly some beautiful guns there. I didn't get "sticker shock" because I didn't look up the exchange rate of Swedish Krone to US Dollars. That way I could just imagine that they were within my means. ;)

Thanks again,
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