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Sounds lovely. .. I've just polished off a bottle of sloe whisky and it was really nice.
Remarkable! Your typing seems completely unaffected.

I`ve got some Damsons in the freezer ... best invest in a bottle of something, what else goes with Damsons apart from Gin?
Call me old-fashioned, but for me damsons and sloes belong in gin.

However, a pal of mine made some plum rum, and that was tasty. I guess although damson rum doesn't rhyme, the effect might also be pleasant. There's always vodka, of course.
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We have a huge amount of plums in the garden. Is plum rum worth the effort, and is there anything else alcoholic that can be done with plums?
No. This will be marmalade, gin and a vanilla pod in a big kilner type jar. Turned upside down each day for a week, then each week for a month, and then left for while.

Not sure about the vanilla pod though - I might end up with vanilla dominating the marmalade and gin.


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Hi Basil ,wash n rinse 2lb of Elderberries then place in a jar ,sprinkle 1/2lb of sugar on top and shut the lid .Shake the blases out of the jar till the berries burst and it sort of mixes together then add a bottle of mmm ,mines Bruchladdich rocks.Shake it up thoroughly and put it at the back of a dark cupboard.Once a week shake it till the sugar dissolves ,then once a month till ready to try :drool:.If not sweet enough add some more sugar too taste and repeat till dissolved.To drink lock the door:-| and open your favourite book ,something the length of War and Peace or the Lord of the Rings should suffice :tiphat: