Drinks fridge

Hi all I have the chance of a second hand drinks fridge wot are the basics I require in fridge ie circulation fan if it doesn't have one can one be fitted. Cheers in advance.


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I have a normal larder fridge i hang my roe in and dont have a fan. Have not had any issues with mould or anything else and that is with a roe in for up to 2 weeks. I do open the fridge every few days to just check all is fine but other than that I just leave it to its own devices. Have had 2 fit in comfortably for around 10 days and no issues.


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A fridge doesn't have a fan where as a chiller does. Not sure if that is any help? Obviously, a chiller will get your carcass down in temperature much quicker than a fridge but it's not going to make much difference on small deer!


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Just check that the fan that cools the small radiator is working if it has got one. Before it died mine would nort maintain below 8c but the circulation fan was fine.