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Afternoon all,

I have been lucky enough to be invited on a driven boar shoot in Austria this winter.
I am going to take my .30-06 and have developed a 180 grain load for it.
I currently have a Zeiss 6-20x50 scope on-board so I’m looking for something more suitable.

I have narrowed it down to two options:

  1. Go with the classic 1-4x22 with Illuminated dot
  2. Aimpoint Hunter

Now, the Aimpoint is fixed 1x magnification. It looks to be pretty ideal for swinging through the running game with both eyes open…. But is there any merit in being able to have more power on a driven day by choosing a more classic 1-4 variable scope?

Those who have experienced such delights as driven boar, I would welcome your thoughts.

Thanks in advance,

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Go for the aimpoint or any other device you can use with both eyes opens. It is much more easy to shoot a running boar like this because you can juge accuratelly speed and distance of the beast and correct your shoot in keeping it on your visual angle.

I'm off to shoot boar in October, so can't give you any real practical experience until after then.

That said, I am actually going with two options; first a Leupold VX-R 1.25-4x20 with illuminated reticle ( and second a red dot holographic ( The latter scope was recommended for boar in another thread on SD some months ago.

I just need to get to the range and get them zeroed in, but if you want to have a look at them next time you're down this way just drop me an email.

If its just for driven I'd say Aimpoint every time Miles, have used them on several occasions in the driven setting and they are perfect hence the reason you will see a lot of hunters with them there. Most of your stuff will not be much more than 50m - 70m away but they are suitable for further if your eyes are!! Am after one for my current rig when funds allow.

Even German 1-4x scopes are usually not true 1x in the low end. They're around 1.1x but you can cheat a bit with the diopter correction in the ocular (often called rear focus or something like that). The Leupold that was mentioned has real magnification of 1.4x at the low end.

The thing you should strive for is that when swinging with gun/scope both eyes open, the view through scope rolls as smoothly as possible. It's kind of difficult to explain but the thing is you want certain amount of distortion to make swinging/panning as smooth as possible, and if it isn't taken care when designing the scope you may have to make some compromises. Here's some theoretical reading, it's about binos and magnification but the theory is same:

Up to 50 meters or so the Aimpoint is as fast as it will get, but beyond that scopes with magnification would start to beat it. You should shoot both eyes open also with scopes. If you haven't practiced shooting offhand and preferably moving targets, all bets are off after 30 meters or so. In many cases Aimpoint will only make it worse since lack of magnification makes it seem you're not jerking the gun etc. but in reality shots can be anywhere plus or minus 0.5 meters from POA (or even more when distance approaches 100m).
Something varaible like a 1-4x.. is perfect. Sometimes they come close but sometimes the distance is longer ( 40/60 metres on more open ground) . In these circumstances 3 or 4 power can be an advantage. If I am not wrong Aimpoint also have sight with magnification.
Boar aren't pig, don't get me wrong but they are fast machine even big ones. It is very difficult to kill a running boar over 35-40 meters, i mean deliver a killing shot. When you practice the shot on the metalic boar where ever you touch you make it fall, but on a real one the goal is to kill not to wound. I think you will have plenty of opportunity beteween 10-30 meters and the aimpoint is fine for this.
I have both a red-dot and the Leoupold vx-r circle dot 1.25-4x20 scope and both will do the job on the pigs My t4 marlin also has tru-glow open sights as well which are cheaper and are just as quick or maybe even quicker than the others for shooting @ moving targets.
My T3 pig rig will also be fitted with open sights for boar hunting when my mate gets time(If) to fit them:stir:
I have a virtually unused leupold vxr2-7 x33 I would part with, in original packaging, £280.. Ideal for the job and at 7x good for deer too..
Good morning everyone,

Thank you for your suggestions and kind offers, I appreciate your thoughts.
I am continuing to do some research as time is on my side.
Thanks again and I will up-date you as I progress.

Best regards,