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I know most 'normal people' are booking family holidays to the seaside etc but what is going on behind the scenes ;) !!
Now that the Driven Boar season is over, I know, I know, you lucky chaps that go after trohies can go all year round but I am talking 'rank and file' folk like myself!
How many of you have booked already or are still looking at Web Sites or pamphlets.
How has the drop in value of the pound or the strength of the Euro affected your planning or are you going to ask the wife to get another job to help pay for it :lol: !!
They are all certain to cost more this year so start saving chaps.


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I am hunting boar latter this year but were I am going I will not be paying in euros not that there is any trophy charges anyway. ;)

Best rgds



Hi edi. I wasnt planning, more hoping really, but I just had this which has changed things a bit.


From Late August to mid January
LANGUEDOC REGION (2 days stay)
Access: From Marseille, Toulouse or Montpellier a couple of hours drive. Open high hills scrubland on
thousands of hectares. For 2 hunters: 745 euros each, (868 euros for a hunter alone). Included: 2 days wild boar hunting in a group of local hunters. Organization & Ghillie fees. Licenses and insurances. Half board
accommodation for 3 nights in a country B&B near the estate.


Access: By car from England, by Calais, 1 hour, or 2h30 driving from Paris. Open territory of over 1000 ha.
Group days on fixed dates. 30 guns on pegs. Mixed bag of wild boar, mufflon and roe-deer. For 2 hunters, 633 euros each. Price for 1 hunter alone 708 euros. Included: License and insurance. Gun fee, and lunch at the hunt Accommodation the night before the hunt in a quaint hotel on seashore (wife endorsed place). No overcharge for quarry shot. Not included: Other meals. NB: The prices for this place have not been published yet, this is based on the tariff 2007, a small increase is possible.

I have more offers as well. They all seem very reasonable and will tempt me out this year.



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Grant, I was just about to dive in there and ask for more info dates etc but then realised it was France!
My favourite rifle is a .308 now and that seems to be a big No No in France!!
My old 7x57 O/U would have been ideal but now I am settled in England, have been for some years now, I've settled for the .308 and don't intend to change.
Those prices seem very reasonable but to start in August seems a little early for driven Boar.
The sows will still have a lot of piglets with them and if a sow is taken at that early stage it will do them a lot of harm!!
October/November would be better for the shooters as well, as they would not have to hold back on anything that moves!!


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Hi EMcC,

I haven't been checking, and lucky me, the missus wouldn't mind even if I did, for sure I would be interested in a driven boar shoot sometime.
I too have a .308 so I suppose that and the price/value points towards Poland or Croatia> Would do you recommend?



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Hi all,
just posted the info for a trip to Poland in jan 2009 (around the full moon on the 11th). Anyone interested let me know. spaces very limited.


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GEO, My Poland contacts have priced themselves out of my purse so am going to Croatia again but definitely not with one of the ones I went with last year, unless he changes his organising skills.
I have also booked a trip to the Czech Republic but that is a bit different from my previous trips so can't offer any advice on that yet.
There are some good prices advertised in various places but it is the trophy fees that you have to be careful of.
Even if the trophy fees are reasonable, if you get a 'hot spot' during the excitement you can easily run up a bill equivalent to another weeks holiday!!


Hi chaps if the calibre puts France out of the equation then what about this. Should be warmer and the calibre is ok.

We start to book our summer hunts for wildboar in province of Granada, South Spain 50 min from Granada´s airport. 2300 hectar open area. Much wildboar and really good tuskers.
5 travel days, 4 full hunting days (morning and evening) waiting on pass.
-Transfers from Granada´s airport and all transports
-4 nights accomodation full board
-PH with 4X4, and areas permits
-cleaning and measuring the trophies

PRICE 1.000 Euro
Extra to pay:
-Hunting license and insurance (150 euro/hunter)
-Personally wishes
-trophy fees (see list)

-till 50 kg------------------------------100 €
-female--------------------------------200 €
-Tusker till 3,9 cm out-----------------250 €
-4 bis 5 cm out------------------------300 €
-5 bis 5,9 cm out----------------------400 €
- + 6 cm------------------------------550 €

Sounds bloody good to me.



Sounds too expensive to me because 6cm tusks are not a trophy and in Croatia you don't pay for that more than 150 Euros.
Trophy fee during driven boar hunts is not fair nor reasonable for various of reasons.
Simply you shoot at runing game and you can't see it's tusks or to be sure of their size.


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I have being booked to go back to Croatia in November with Basswood Sporting since february . i can not wait for it to come around again .
A good thing with hunting in Croatia is there are no trophy fees to pay .All for the price of E 1620.00 inc flights and accommodation .


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reiver said:
I have being booked to go back to Croatia in November with Basswood Sporting since february . i can not wait for it to come around again .
A good thing with hunting in Croatia is there are no trophy fees to pay .All for the price of E 1620.00 inc flights and accommodation .

Hi reiver, was interested to see you went with basswood last year and obviously enjoyed yuor trip.
Some friends and i are booked with basswood to hunt begining of dec, we went to poland last year ,but have been told that it different in croatia ie longer drives etc.
Be good if you could give us an insight of what to expect and what made the trip enjoyable for you..


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I have long fancied a trip out boar hunting but the thought of paying a "trophy fee" sticks in the craw with me, if you pay £1500 plus that should be it they are wild animals in the forests so its not like they pay sod all for the boar, or can guarantee success. So if I take a chance on what flies out the undergrowth so should they, stick fee's where sun don't shine :lol:
I've been trying to scam a freebie with my mates brother in law in Germany, not got anything concrete yet but another friend has a place in Bulgaria where supposed to be fantastic anyone been before?


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I've got five days in Croatia coming up at the end of November on the wild boar thanks to a contact passed on by EMcC!
Can't wait, have all my ammo sorted out and a new sight just delivered for the R93, just gotta practice on the BSRC range now.
This forum is good for more than just chat you know.


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Croatia, 6th - 10th November
The booking in at Heathrow went 'as usual'. We checked in our 'Hold' luggage straight away with no problems.
We then took our guns to one office then found we had to go on a 'hike' to a different one!
We got our documents checked against the serial No's of the rifles and that was it.
They kept our rifles from that stage until we got to Zagreb.
At Zagreb, Frank was waiting for us where we went through the procedure again with the Croation Police of checking Rifles against out FC's.
When that was finished we had our Croation Hunting Licence issued and then went on our way.
The weather at this time was atrocious, absolutely teeming down with about two inches of surface water everywhere.
After a two hour drive we arrived at our Hotel/Lodge in the Papuk mountains.
Once there, we settled in and introduced ourselves to each other.
Over dinner we had a briefing on what format the days were to take and then turned in after a very long day.
The first day I shot a really nice Boar but it was not far off and died on the spot so not very exciting.
The second day none of us saw a pig at all.
The third day myself and one other saw two Boar each and shot them.
My first one was a really big one running across a clearing 100yds away.
The clearing was about fifty yards wide and I smacked him about half way across which made him grunt and cough then he went in to second gear and took off at ninety miles an hour! so I shot him again and he eventually went down as he was about to leave the clearing to enter the forest.
He was a real big boy. That was what I call exciting.
The second was seen running thro' some bushes towards a clearing about fifty yards away so I waited for him to clear the bushes and zapped him smack behind the ear, he grunted and started to collapse but made it another ten yards across the clearing and was found dead just inside the bushes. Not quite as exciting really.
The only other member of the team that saw any had not been Driven Boar shooting before so he was pleased as he shot both of them and they were big ones too.
The beaters tried their best but unfortunately the pigs they saw would not go forward so we were given a rebate of apx £150. I have never had that before so it was a pleasant surprise and came in handy to offset the cost of 'Duty Free'!!
The weather was very mild and damp.
I've never shot driven Boar in such mild weather it was strange because at this time of year it is normally Frost or Snow.


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I wish I had been in the hot seat!!
One of the other guys, again another that had not shot Boar before,,
shot three on one of the other drives!! Boy did he get some ribbing, Lol.
There was a total of nine shot on the first day and a few more shot but not dropped on the spot so were left to stiffen up over night and recovered the following day.
As for posting pictures, I am not that clever.


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Just testing, fingers crossed.
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