Driven Game Shooting Tips

I agree with Rob Eaton excellent advice.

Just read it. Excellent advice. That's the advice that can turn a frustrating morning into an awesome day. Frustrating how many times I have to remind myself of it though!
Yes, good advice. The main thing I could add is concentration. Stop worrying if the dog is going to run in, whether your coat is buttoned up properly, whether that squishy yellow thing is going to fall out of your ear and whether you look more sartorially elegant than the gun on the next peg. Just block everything else out and get in the zone.
As an old friend of mine used to say - " A shot in the rectum rarely affects em, a shot in the head ensures they're dead."
Shoot where he'll be not where he's been.

Focus on the bird see every detail particularly the eye and don't look at the gun.