Available: Driven Wild Boar 2 days weekend Serbia 10th 11 th Nov 2018

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2 day trip to Serbia! UPDATE Nov trip Full DEC 9th and 11th available 2 day £1799 4 day £3599 2 x 4 day and 2 x 2 day Places left .You will not be disappointed. Lots of big Boar see photos of previous trips .
Beginning of the season so will be lots of boar about! There will be 10-13 guns and 22-30 boar per day.

No trophy fees, shoot any boar no restrictions.
Great lodge in the forest, beautiful scenery.

Running this trip for 13 years and always successful!

CLICK THIS LINK 2 Day 10th - 11th Nov 2018 Driven Wild Boar Trip Serbia £1799 inc of all trophy fees and accommodation foodect plus flight £250



Click the link above for full details
Email mark@a1decoy.co.uk
Call 07860 657990

4 Places sold 7 spaces left .
We have 5 trips to Serbia this year and this is the First and to one of the biggest forest area 78000 hectare s
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