Available: Driven wild boar in Somogy county Hungary


We offering 4 nights 3 days driven wild boar hunting in Hungary. The dates November 25-27 The driven hunts is in Somogy county's what is 90 minutes drive from Budapest airport.The price include accommodation,breakfast,lunch,dinner,hunting permit,hunting insurance and the airport transfer.We looking for 15-30 guns unlimited wild boar NO TROPHY OR SHOOTING FEE also Fallow does and Red hides can be taken with out any shooting fee.Bags are 12-30 in a day for 15 guns.(weather and shooting availability)
Price is 1500£

The accommodation is in a hunting castle what was belong to a aristocratic family in the 18 century so far the best i ever seen for a hunting trip.

Also golden jackal on the ground as well if someone lucky can get them as well...

Good price and good hunting trip don't miss this one.Places still available.12 animal a day guaranteed for 15 gun a day.

Places still available!!!!!!

If you have any question please PM me or call me on 07780006587

Thanks George
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I have known George for about 3 years now, and he has stalked with me on several occasions. This is a good deal and well put together. I would be going myself but am committed with clients in November as it is a busy time for me.

He needs a few more to make the group up so if anyone is considering it, please get in touch with him.

I've just booked the flights for Graham, and I (just under £200.00 each with luggage, & rifle). We're both really looking forward to it, as is Alan, coming over from Sweden.

Thought I'd post some pictures of the hotel that some of us older folk can actually see ;) It looks AMAZING ! If the boar are on a par with the hotel, it's going to be a heck of a trip !!!

The restaurant looks pretty impressive !

Hope it looks like this in November :D

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Mark, the pictures are not showing ?
or is it me ?
I see another Agent is trying to assist with filling the slots too, the one that helped to fill the last trip in Hungary that we went on.
I hope he gets his quota to make the trip worthwhile, I'd be joining him if it wasn't for prior arrangements.
The pictures are now in full display and looks fantastic, worth the trip for the accommodation and food alone.
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Not you, me being a numpty !!!

Don't confuse George with the other trip agents. George does the trips because he loves hunting, and he makes diddly squat out of them, just subsidizing his own trips at the moment.

I've already been on four trips with George, stalking, and sitting out in a seat, and I'm going again in October, because I enjoy them so much, and there's plenty to shoot. He gives an "all in" price, excluding alcohol, and tips to the guide/keeper, if you think it's appropriate. I changed up £150.00 on my first trip, and I still have over half of it left, and most of what I have spent, was at the airport !

His biggest issue, is he hasn't quite grasped the concept of marketing what he's actually doing, massively underselling the trip.

IMHO, based on what he's charging, he's gone WAY OTT on this trip, deciding that he wants to make it a "trip to remember", booking the Chateau, rather than a cheap hotel, and doing everything he can to make sure there are a lot of boar on the ground. Even if he fills the trip, he'll barely break even, but he wants to make a statement, and build for the future, where maybe he will make something on the trips.

November will be my first driven trip with George, but I didn't hesitate when he told me about it, and what he was planning. I can't wait !

I just thought I should add, that I'm not involved in the trips, just an enthusiastic customer !
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I do business with George and have taken his clients over here. He is building on is business, and like I said if I wasn't so busy I would go myself.

It is difficult to find good honest people in this game, but George is an honest man and will do his best to make sure everyone has a good time. The accommodation looks over the top George. Well done.
If anyone wants to know about the driven boar with George then give me a ring because when I was there earlier this year there were more than plenty of boar to shoot at. I had an absolutely wonderful time, the hospitality and the people could not do enough. I would have liked to have gone this November but have other commitments so I shall have to wait until next year. This is a really good deal, the flights were cheap enough and I took my own rifle. I went with a friend, Dave, and he would say the same. We will definitely be going back. Don't miss this opportunity and if anybody wants to go next year as well and make up a party I would be more than interested.


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That's Mark's daily quota taken care of then!

But what about the rest of us? :D

Don't worry about Mark, I've looked at the last wild boar fever vid 10 times. Plus all my bullets are polished and the leather trousers are definitely being worn on this trip.


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Don't worry about Mark, I've looked at the last wild boar fever vid 10 times. Plus all my bullets are polished and the leather trousers are definitely being worn on this trip.
You said that last time and I ended up being the only paid up member of the 'Blue Oyster Club' on tour!