Available: DRIVEN WILD BOAR NOV 2016 Book Now 16th 17th Nov


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Book with a1decoy.co.uk all guns shot Wild Boar on all our trips to Serbia last year.Over 100 Boar shot on all 3 trips 10 guns .
We are not the cheapest but we do get the best results 2 guns available for 3 day trip = £2475, 2 guns available for 4 day trip = £3300
We have the choice of 7 Hunting areas in Serbia .

3 Day trip fly 15th Nov, shoot 16th 17th, and 18th return 19th . 2 Guns available
4 Day trip fly 15th Nov, shoot 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th return 20th. 2 Guns available
Book online.

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Just register your interest by Pm or email sales@a1decoy.co.uk. to Join our mailing list .



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