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Hi, my mate has a Dronepro, he has had it for about 4 years, for a while now it seems to throw the odd shot high, last night we were out and it was shooting about 3 inches low, he zero,d it and it was shooting high again, obviously this may not be the drone, but is this a known problem with the drones?

fallow me

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Had mine around 4 years,Used extensively on . 233 never had a single issue, Unlikely to be drone, more likely to be mounts or stock screws

Cliff Ray

I agree with fallow me, it is more likely to be the mounts, bu t if you don't resolve the problem, let me know and I will see if I can help


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Check the lens is not working loose....Mine is on a .243 using 95gn.

At some point I will be machining a one piece bracket with dove tail for the picatiny rail, also a lens clamp bracket coming off it....



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Do he save the zero, if not as soon as you turn it off you have lost zero and it will go back to where you started


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Contact kevgun via the NVUK forum.
He has a fix for Drone that lose zero.
He's done several now and all have worked a treat




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hi Optical Solutions Limited they said they may look in to repairing the old armasight drone as well. thanks