DS1 who to choose


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Was it Jelen who did the excellent dvd in which the dsc1 questions were asked and there were multiple choice answers, at the end the score was tallied up as a percentage.

All done on your own pc at your leisure.

I saw it sometime ago and was seriously impressed with it as a form of learning.
Obviously peeps are going to shout ‘nothing beats experience’ agreed but everyone has to start somewhere 👍



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I used Jelen. Tuition was excellent and I also had access to their online training tool that allowed me to practice answering questions.
didnt no jelan had done one if these. seen the bds one and another one that i cant remember. anyone got a link to the jelan one.


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I did mine with Jelen and it was good. Good fun and generally well done.

If the timing would have worked out though my first choice would be to go with @sikamalc

Old tikka

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Get in touch with Paul Hill at Corinium Rifle range. First class instructor and all round top bloke.
Beware of the cowboys, there are a lot of them out there !


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Just got back in from a session with Paul at the Corinium Gunrange.
The plan was to zero a couple of rifles of mine, out of the wind, and I had a day off and have never been there before so thought I’d give Paul a go so to speak.
One rifle zero’d quickly and easily.
Second rifle, we noticed that it wasn’t the best at grouping and was throwing flyers.
We persevered but to no avail.
Without me even asking Paul whipped out a couple of other types of alternate brands of ammo and we ran them through the gun.
The last brand/type that he suggested worked a treat, small cloverleaf groups at 100 yards. Perfect!
Couldn’t wish to meet a nicer chap , and one that knows his stuff clearly.
I couldn’t recommend Paul and the Corinium Range more highly 👍🏼


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I’ve been to Corinium for tuition and Paul was excellent. He’s competent and has that (sadly) all too rare quality that he can explain difficult/complicated concepts in very simple terms.


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I used the BDS training manual and the online multiple choice quiz subscription which lasts about two weeks and just turned up for the exam day at a reduced price. I didn't have time to go to the full course and that was fine. The DSC1 manual is very good with a lot of valuable info despite what some people say about the DSC1.


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The ultimate deer data CD is really useful. As far as I can gather from posts on here most providers make good job of the course so it might be more important to find one at the right time and in the right place, or as close to those as your son can manage.