DSC 1 Age?


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I have my own opinions on this, but I would like to ask the forum. There is a lot of controvercy over the DSC's, so here we go on another slant.

What is the minimum age that an individual can legally pass the DSC 1?




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It would hinge on the legal age one could fire a rifle under supervision ? I don't know what that is being an old git myself.

But, the course provider's 3rd party/land owner's insurance may say that they could not supervise a minor doing so in any event.

So the answer may be driven by practical rather than legal restrictions?

The rest of it? it's not that high a level so 10-12 year old capable of doing it?


fly tyer

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hi i did mine at 15 and passed. if you know your stuff, go for it
i was alowed to do the shooting test bcause i already had my fac



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lets look at something else, particularly under the current climate with some FLO's.

If you are capable of passing the test, you can pass the shooting test, you are under 17 and you dont have a FAC, should you pass?

This is in particular that some FLO's require DSC 1 now to get the FAC.



fly tyer

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how old are you? if you are old enough to apply, inform your flo that you intend to do your dsc 1. you could also do the written part and do the shooting part when you are old enough. i was told that any uncompleated or failed parts of the course can be done within 3 years of registration.



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The question is for debate purposes only. It would appear that the most accurate answer has been deliverd by 300WSM.

Given that he is correct, should a person that does not hold a licence but is supervised under the age of 17 be allowed to be awarded the qualification?

fly tyer

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i dont see why not but i suppose it depends on the assosor and there insurance ect. the best way to find out would be to phone and ask your chosen acessment center. as they are the only ones who can give you the right awnser. when i did the course i was told that to do the shooting you needed an fac if you were under 17. if you were over 17 you could be supervised by the licenced owner of the rifle you were using and did not need an fac.


Andy L

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I think that this highlights the problem with the way the DSC1 is perceived by FLOs. They will let you have a deer calibre rifle as long as you have the DSC1 and your neighbour has let you shoot over his land. It does not seem to matter whether you have used rifles before taking the DSC or whether you have any knowledge other than that learnt during the DSC1. When I applied for my FAC, I had already shot 3 of the 6 species anywhere from the highlands to hampshire, and had experience of firearms since I was 6 and held a shotgun certificate since I was 15. I had 10 times as much knowledge as the FLO about the different deer species and their habitats. I still had a hell of a job convincing the FLO that I knew what I was doing as I did not have my DSC1.
I would like to know whether anyone has just turned up for the assessment day and how they got on. This is something I am tempted to do. I know that you miss out on meeting some interesting people and learning more about the quarry but finding 4 days free is a bit of a struggle.
Sorry, gone off thread a bit!


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As others have already pointed out. the age at which you could take the shooting element of DSC1 is limited by the law of the land, and would effectively limit it to 14 years of age in this country.
Off the top of my head without refering to any books or guidance documents I would suggest that;

1) Shooters under 17 years of age cannot take advantage of the "estate rifle rule", they would have to have their own firearms certificate.

2) In order to shoot a centrefire as part of Home Office approved club and to take advantage of the "freedoms" allowed to shoot without a certificate the NRA normally stipulates 14 years of age.

Like I say this is off the top of my head and wil prompt me to look up the correct answer.